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Panargo Shipping act for charterers, shippers, ship owners and operators and pride ourselves in being able to meet the many challenges facing present day South Africa, by providing leading edge technology in all areas of Clearing and Forwarding and Ships Agency, which in turn enables us to efficiently service the ever-changing needs of our clients.


Notwithstanding this fact, it is just as important for us to maintain personal contact with our clients and of course the most integral of Agency functions, that of protecting the client’s interests.

We are a non-bureaucratic organization, which promotes innovative thinking and problem solving techniques and as such we are not bound by rigid organizational structures, which can sometimes put lines of command before the customer.


Our flat structures allow excellent communication from the operator to top management. This ease of communication ensures quick response to particular customer needs and then allows all management levels to quickly and effectively pool ideas to resolve unusual situations.


South African Map and major ports - Panargo Shipping